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Root Canals Creve Coeur

When the soft tissue or pulp inside a tooth becomes damaged or infected, a root canal may be necessary to remove the diseased tissue. Failure to treat the infected tooth can lead to further deterioration of the patient’s dental health and may result in tooth loss or even life-threatening health complications.

When performing a root canal, the dentist will first extract the damaged nerve tissue. He or she will then sterilize the tooth and fill the resulting hole with a replacement material. The tooth will then be sealed with a specific type of large filling, known as a build-up. Finally, the dentist will place a crown over the top of the tooth, to protect it from further damage.

You may need a root canal if there is damage to the soft tissue of your tooth; if the tooth is decayed, infected, or inflamed; if it is chipped or cracked; or if the tooth has already been subject to extensive dental work. Here at Creve Coeur Family Dental, we have experience in treating root canals in Peoria, and can also refer patients to other trusted dentists in certain cases. Don’t hesitate to seek treatment from an experienced professional if you are advised that you need a root canal procedure.

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