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Creve Coeur Dentists Providing High-Quality Care

At Creve Coeur Family Dental, we provide comprehensive dental care services, which include both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry treatments. We strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental care so they can enjoy optimal oral health. Whether you are coming in for a routine visit or a special procedure, our experienced Creve Coeur dentists and staff can meet your needs.

Our Creve Coeur dental procedures include:

  • General dentistry: We offer teeth cleanings, fillings, simple extractions, and much more in our general dentistry practice. It is important that you set up regular appointments with your dentist so you can maintain strong oral health and avoid more serious complications with your teeth and gums.
  • Emergency services: Because know emergencies can happen, we have Creve Coeur emergency dentists who are available to provide immediate dental care. A few examples of common dental emergencies include broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, and abscesses.
  • Cosmetic dentistry: If you are interested in repairing your damaged teeth and getting an overall improved appearance for your smile, we can help you with that. We offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures.
  • Dental implants: If you have missing teeth, you may want to consider dental implants, or prosthetic roots and crowns. These implants will give you natural-looking teeth that are fully functional.
  • Periodontal/gum disease treatment: Periodontal disease can cause many different health issues. Left untreated, this disease can cause infection and the loss of teeth. In the most extreme cases, this condition can even contribute to an early death. Periodontal disease should be treated immediately
  • Root canals: In some cases, we may need to perform a root canal in order to save the tooth. This involves removing infected or inflamed tissue in the tooth’s pulp and disinfecting the tooth.
  • Invisalign: With Invisalign, you straighten your teeth using clear, removable aligners. This is a much more comfortable and attractive alternative to metal braces.

If you would like to learn more about the services our Creve Coeur dentists provide, please give us a call at 309-698-0220 and schedule a consultation!

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