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Invisalign Peoria

You deserve a radiant smile that lights up the room. When you choose Invisalign in Peoria, friends, and coworkers will notice the extra bounce in your step and your newfound sense of self-confidence. All the hype surrounding the new clear aligners is on target: they’re easy to use and give you less hassle than traditional braces.

Let’s start with what they help you do. You will achieve straighter teeth using an appliance that is almost invisible. You can remove the trays for cleaning and even during meals. And because they’re easier to clean, you’ll save the time and headache you would have spent on brushing around metal braces.

Now for the don’ts. They don’t stop you from eating your favorite foods and they don’t have wires or brackets. Creve Coeur Family Dental is staffed by professionals with more than 30 years of experience in your local area. When you call, ask about whether Invisalign is the right solution for you.

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