• The Process of Enhancing Your Smile with Invisalign

    Similar to braces, Invisalign in Peoria is an orthodontic solution meant to straighten your teeth and correct your bite. Invisalign has become a popular orthodontic choice for adults and teens, because it often offers a short treatment time and the aligners are made of clear plastic. If you are interested in enhancing your smile with Invisalign, continue reading for a look at the process. invisalign - aligners

    Speak with Your Dentist

    To receive proper Invisalign treatment, you must speak with your dentist. Your personal dentist may be a provider of Invisalign, or he may refer you to another expert. No matter who you see, you and your dental practitioner will discuss the reasons you want or need Invisalign. Depending on your concerns and the condition of your mouth, you may or may not be a candidate for Invisalign. Your dentist will discuss all of the options available to you.

    Customize Your Treatment Plan

    Once you have been approved for Invisalign treatment, your dentist will begin designing a treatment plan for you. Your dentist will take impressions and x-rays of your mouth and teeth to create a digital 3-D image. This image and the various impressions of your mouth will help your dentist design the plastic aligners and treatment plan just for you.

    Wear Your Aligners

    Soon you will receive custom-made plastic aligners that will slip over your teeth. You will have a series of aligners meant to be worn and changed out every two weeks throughout your treatment time. Unlike metal braces, you can maintain your daily oral hygiene, eat, and talk normally throughout the process. Be sure to wear your aligners as much as possible, though—about 20 to 22 hours a day.

    Visit Your Dentist

    Throughout your treatment, you will still meet with your dentist every four to six weeks. He will check up on the progress of your treatment. If there are any necessary adjustments, then your dentist will use these appointments to recommend different options. It is necessary to see your dentist regularly to ensure your oral hygiene is healthy as well.

  • The Surprising Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

    If you have aesthetic concerns about your teeth, you may have considered learning about cosmetic dentistry in Peoria. Cosmetic dentistry treatments have become increasingly popular among both teens and adults. Cosmetic dentists offer a range of treatments. These include tooth straightening procedures, such as Invisalign, conventional, and lingual braces; teeth whitening and stain removing treatments; dental veneers; bridges and crowns; and gum line shaping. In addition to improving the appearance of your smile, cosmetic dental treatments can have both social and health benefits.


    Social Factors

    If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, it may affect your self-confidence. You may find that you avoid smiling in order to hide your teeth. This can make you seem unfriendly, aloof, or unapproachable. A good cosmetic dental treatment can restore your confidence. This can make you more sociable and outgoing. In addition, a more attractive smile can change the way people interact with you. You may find that they respond to you more warmly in social situations. Studies have also shown that people who are perceived as attractive are more likely to perform well in professional situations. Your beaming smile may both help you to make friends and land the job of your dreams.

    Health Factors

    Having beautiful and straight teeth you are proud of can motivate you to take better care of your dental health. You may be less reluctant to schedule regular dental checkups after improving your smile. People with attractive teeth usually feel inclined to take care of their teeth. You may find yourself brushing and flossing more conscientiously. If you have had a teeth whitening treatment, you may wish to retain that white color. To do so, you will probably choose to avoid or moderate your intake of foods and beverages which cause staining. These include tea, coffee, red wine, and berries. A wish to keep your teeth healthy could inspire you to stop smoking and to avoid sugary drinks and junk food. In addition, crooked teeth can sometimes cause severe headaches. Headache and migraine sufferers may find their symptoms relieved after teeth straightening procedures.

  • Braces 101

    Straighter teeth aren’t just more attractive, they also can improve your bite and general hygiene. If you’re considering braces in Peoria, start off by understanding the basic facts on how they work. In as few as six months, you can see a brand new smile when you look in the mirror.

    Watch this video to learn more about the clear tray appliances used in Invisalign and the construction of traditional orthodontics such as metal braces. They are each used to straighten teeth that have shifted, or become misaligned or crowded. Healthy teeth are easier to achieve and maintain when they have been adequately straightened.

  • A Closer Look at Invisalign

    You deserve a radiant smile that lights up the room. When you choose Invisalign in Peoria, friends and coworkers will notice the extra bounce in your step and your newfound sense of self-confidence. All the hype surrounding the new clear aligners is on target: they’re easy to use and give you less hassle than traditional braces.

    Let’s start with what they help you do. You will achieve straighter teeth using an appliance that is almost invisible. Invisalign Peoria You can remove the trays for cleaning and even during meals. And because they’re easier to clean, you’ll save the time and headache you would have spent on brushing around metal braces.

    Now for the don’ts. They don’t stop you from eating your favorite foods and they don’t have wires or brackets. Creve Coeur Family Dental is staffed by professionals with more than 30 years of experience in your local area. When you call, ask about whether Invisalign is the right solution for you.

  • Parent’s Guide to Braces for Children

    Misaligned or overcrowded teeth can be both unsightly and cause long-term dental health problems. These issues can often be prevented or improved through the use of braces. As a result, many parents seek braces in Peoria to set their children up for a lifetime of good oral health and beautiful smiles. This brief guide covers two of the most important aspects of getting braces for children, which will help you and your kids prepare for procedure and the responsibility of having braces.

    The Treatment Procedure
    The entire procedure usually takes between two and three years. During this time, you will need to schedule Braces Creve Coeur orthodontist visits every month or two. There are four distinct stages to the procedure. On your first visit, the dentist will take an X-ray and create a mold of your child’s teeth to provide a baseline. If there is overcrowding, he or she may need to remove individual teeth. On the second visit, the dentist may place separators between molars to prepare the mouth. On your third visit, the braces will be attached to your child’s teeth. Braces usually feature brackets or bands which are affixed to teeth, together with metal or tooth-colored wires to coax teeth into better alignment. On subsequent visits, the dentist may make adjustments to the braces. Finally, when treatment has been completed, the dentist will remove the braces, polish your child’s teeth, and fit them with a set of retainers.

    Side Effects and Aftercare
    Your child will probably experience some pain and discomfort for the first week or so after the braces have been fitted, as well as for a few days after each adjustment. There can be a period of readjustment before your child becomes accustomed to the braces. Your child should avoid sugary beverages and hard foods during treatment. Your child will need to brush for at least five minutes after every meal or snack, as well as in the morning and at night. You will also need to make sure you visit your orthodontist regularly. With a little patience and care, you can help your child achieve straight, beautiful, healthy teeth.