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Dental Home Care

If you are missing teeth, you may have dental implants and dental crowns in Peoria. It is important to follow your dentist’s instructions to preserve the function of your dental implants.

When it comes to caring for dental implants, dentists recommend several kinds of cleaning aids. To clean dental implants, first brush any natural teeth with a toothbrush with tapered bristles that reach under the gum line. Between professional teeth cleanings from your dentists, use interdental brushes or dental floss. For your dental implants, use a brush with a soft, rubber tip that will not scratch the metal surfaces or affect your crowns. Dentists caution against attempting to use hard brushes or metal devices, as they may permanently scratch the dental implants. When the dental implants become scratched, gum disease can result. If the dental crowns or other implant prostheses are removable, they should be cleaned daily with a soft toothbrush. Flossing is best accomplished with a dental floss specially manufactured for dental implants. Ask your dentists for recommendations to make sure you invest in the best toothbrush and dental floss for your dental implants.

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