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General Dentistry Peoria

General dentistry in Peoria aims to prevent oral complications by providing teeth, gums, and jaws with the proper maintenance. It is important to visit your dentist on a regular basis to have the condition of your tooth enamel evaluated and be screened for various conditions. Read on as we put the spotlight on general dentistry services.

The term “general dentistry” typically describes the basic procedures and treatments that are not categorized under cosmetic dentistry. This includes professional teeth cleanings and dental exams as well as fillings and sealants. If your dentist notices that your teeth are overcrowded, he or she may perform a simple extraction. A simple extraction is another service that is categorized under general dentistry; if complications persist, cosmetic dentistry treatments may come into play. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis to benefit from these general dentistry services is crucial to your oral health. Your dentist will screen you for an array of conditions like periodontal disease and oral cancer. The earlier your dentist notices symptoms of these problems, the sooner you can correct them. As long as you visit your dentist routinely and take care of your teeth on your own, general dentistry can prevent the need for more complex treatments.

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